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Thread: GWBBCode?

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    Ik this forum is not very active but I just finished a project I wanted to do for guild sites and things. github

    It is a javascript rework of the original version from gwg and teamquitter and places. Chose it because it's structure seemed much better for adaptability. Thanks to the creator of this port, is great.

    testytest (based god of regex) and I just recently finished a skill database builder that pulls info from the official wiki to recreate skill databases which will allow for easy updates, doubtful there will be a skill update but was less tedious than doing each entry manually. The builder is not perfect but its pretty fucking close.

    can see examples here:

    Im just posting it as an option, should be easy to implement into forum.
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    ...this is so seriously bad ass bro! I would love to see this implemented... and this forum is busier than you think... People are just scared to post here as the venom is thick!

    *NEVER FEAR THE CODERS* - unless they're after you ->
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    Quote Originally Posted by phat34 View Post
    *NEVER FEAR THE CODERS* - unless there after you ->
    Don't forget the grammar police! they're*

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    Fixed errors in parsing, updated OP

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