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Thread: Coordinate Tool for Guild Wars

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    Coordinate Tool for Guild Wars

    Updated an old script today out of boredom. Basically what it does is, anywhere in Guild Wars that you CLICK on the ground, it will grab the coordinates of THAT location and place them on your clipboard. It doesn’t require GWA˛ or any injection to work.

    Fixes in v2: Corrected a misnamed variable and a possible array error. Various other small changes.
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    nice, but i prefer Tormiasz Bot Developer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggg92 View Post
    nice, but i prefer Tormiasz Bot Developer.
    Yes, it was never intended to be an in depth tool for information extraction. Its usefulness is more apparent when grabbing coordinates through a portal which exits to a different coordinate plane. You could also add 3 lines to it and have a unique follow bot that will allow you to flag your alt(s) out of combat. (Which is why some functions that were pulled out of gwa˛ were renamed and/or changed; to prevent errors if it were included)

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    Yeah i realy like this ty for share and i follow 4D 1 "Genie"

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