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Thread: Hooded Forum Now Active!

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    Hey I understand getting removed from hooded because of posting an .exe. However, I did not know there was a rule against this as it wasn't posted anywhere that I could not do this... I sincerely apologize and guarantee I would never post anything harmful. I had just designed this new A.I. for UW and was hoping for some feedback. It was just a pre-release. I did not twist anyone's arm to download and try it.

    Any way, I would like to be re-considered by all that have this authority, because I would like to be involved in some of the current botting projects. I have a few coders I Skype with and can be a help to any project being worked on as well as being able to offer my help in the community.

    Please re-consider my application and maybe having clearer rules posted and sticky'ed on the front page of the forum so energy is never lost.... only transferred properly.


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    With search and other features disabled it's harder to tell if applicants are actually contributing or not, If you want to apply then please leave a post in this thread with your current contributions to the forums. If deemed acceptable you will be pmed with a link to apply.
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    Just throwing a note, I talked with azu and I can accept hooded applications as well. Just submit your application, and I can review your contributions to the site.

    Remember that hooded is 100% for contributors. This does not mean rebranding someone elses bot, or adding some random feature to an already made bot.

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