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    Hooded Forum Now Active!

    You can apply to join by going to your profile, then going to join a permission group.

    Members will be accepted based on contributions and/or coding competency. In other words, if you've never posted a script on these forums, don't even bother applying. We won't be accepting people who say, "I plan to make bots," or, "I want to be a tester," or even, "I want to contribute." Anyone can say they're going to contribute; but until you actually prove it, you just look like another leech.

    We might think you're cool to talk to but if you don't have at least some scripting knowledge, you won't be accepted. It's nothing personal. The hooded forum is a "By Coders, For Coders" kind of deal. The purpose of having a semi-public section is to increase the quality of the works posted there, and motivate more people to contribute. If we just let in everyone we liked, it would kind of defeat the purpose.

    Don't think you want to qualify but still want to join? It's all up to you. Start contributing!

    The main thing we'll be looking at is your contributions and their quality. Someone who released a single, amazing bot would be chosen over someone who's released 5 buggy and barely-functional bots. Along the same lines, recodes of old bots or modified versions of existing bots aren't considered as worthy as projects you created yourself. That's not to say these won't help you gain access, it's just being fair. Making a new bot takes can take hours of coding and testing. Recoding an old one takes maybe 20 minutes.

    Note: Donations are not considered contributing. If you want to pay money for bots, go to the black market.

    If you think you qualify, apply here:
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    Please read the wiki before asking for help!

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