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You wanna know why I bot? Because it's fun. I beat Guild Wars in its entirety long before touching a bot. I had 50/50, GWAMM, and have PvPed with some of the best players out there. This is how I have fun now. It not about the items. I could always afford anything I wanted in game. I don't need pixelated armor to validate my accomplishments. It's not about winning. I did that thousands of times - played to the point that a PvP match was just business as usual.

Botting is a creative outlet. Some artists craft images of people from paint. Others make human forms from stone. I make a person in a virtual world. Instead of the form, I focus on the essence. The thoughts and actions. Bots are just replicas of these things. It may seem silly to you. Like someone who enjoys math while you hated every minute of algebra. But there are stranger things out there. You can't really hold this against me.

Do you think I ruin the game? It's just items, guys. Want to get the items as easily as other botters? Then join me. Want to work for it the old fashioned way (like I did)? Go for it! How does the fact others can "cheat" for it make the legitimate acquisition any less meaningful? Perhaps you place too much emphasis on the thoughts of others.

I ruin the economy? How? Botters can only help non-botters. We do the tasks no one else wants to. We provide more supply to meet the demand. We bring down prices so you can afford the items you want. Are you upset because a weapon isn't worth as much as it would be? Why? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps you're not using the item because you actually like it, but instead just to show off your wealth? Flaunting your virtual gold? Isn't that a bit silly?

But what about PvP bots? To put it bluntly, I don't care anymore and most of you probably deserve it. I played main fuse for a top-100 guild for two years. Throughout that time, it became very apparent why PvP is dead. The rampant elitism and focus on numbers rather than competing for the sake of competition leaves me with no remorse for once again opening the door to PvP bots. Bots didn't kill PvP. People did. If you're a new player, why on earth would you want to PvP? You have to spend hours looking for a group which will actually take you. And when you do finally get in a group, you get kicked because you're a newbie.

How can a player ever expect to get better when it literally takes hours to find a group that doesn't kick them. How many matches can they feasibly play in a day? Why the hell would they come back to PvP after trying for a whole week and playing less than 15 matches? And you blame bots? If anything, bots give these players a fighting chance. At least they won't so bad they get kicked after the first match.

So tell me, why shouldn't I bot? Because you value the opinions of people you don't know and will never meet? Because I give less skillful players a chance to actually play some PvP?

I'm a botter. I will continue to bot. And there is nothing you can say that will change my mind.
100% Self-Taught Botter and Reverser


Please read the wiki before asking for help!

GWA˛ 3.6

I am no longer supporting any Guild Wars projects. Sorry.


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