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  1. thanks buddy.
  2. gimme your working email to send u 2 files
  3. how did you guys write the bot for the first Keiran mission? I tried to get the waypoints set and I keep dying at the mob spawns so I need to start over every time and how does PvEvolved handle the build? I mean you can't pre-load the build so I guess you had to code the bot to first load the mission then worry about the build? How about i stop worring about this and you can send it to me , I'll give you 49 ectos
  4. dude you gotta let me have it. come on ddarek I'll love you homo >.> <.< >.> . i really wanna make the bot for that last mission since it's so short and easy. or at least post the skills part. thanks in advance
  5. There is working ******************* Bot with ***** Build
    for PvEvolved
    Wrote by me and Corey
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